Sarah C.

I am so grateful that a friend recommended Sharon to me. Her advice has been invaluable. Each week I have left the sessions thinking: ‘that is exactly what I needed and I would have never thought of it on my own.’  I have implemented the techniques we have discussed and each one has taken me higher. As a wife and mother having support in raising a family is one of the greatest gifts. The time we spend together on the phone is truly a gift to myself. It is a time when I have this incredible mentor who is taking the time to help me achieve my dreams and goals. Sharon is so much fun to talk to to I just love connecting with her. I do not hesitate for a moment to recommend her coaching. It is an investment that pays back in spades.

Sarah C.  Toronto, Canada


I want to thank you for the phone call that has changed my life. In the past two weeks I’ve gone for four interviews and aced all four of them. Now I have a choice of which job I want. It hasn’t been easy but I learned to stay positive at all times and let go when I needed to.
I’m so excited about my life, I feel like amazing things are going to happen. Now for that man who’s going to be my husband by the end of this year 🙂
I’m also waiting for that door to open for my program that’s going to help young men in my area expand and mature at a later stage.
I’ll be in touch and THANK YOU. GOD BLESS YOU 🙂

Koketso M.
South Africa

Karen McGregor

I am so blessed and delighted to come across Sharon’s work on parenting and the law of attraction at a time when I needed it most. Sharon helped me navigate great unexpected tragedy as well as daily frustrations that kept me stuck in parenting habits that produced little positive outcome for either me or my kids.

Because of Sharon’s work I feel far happier and more confident knowing I have tools and processes that work for the whole family! Now I’m excited to co-create a new vision for the future with my kids – thank you Sharon for your guidance and expertise!

Karen McGregor

Sarah C.

When my children were babies I often felt as if I was groping around in the dark as a mother. In spite of my best intentions and copious amounts of reading I still somehow always felt like a failure as a parent. This feeling was always lingering no matter how hard I tried to be a “good mom.” Outwardly I had a lot of opinions and techniques, but I could not shake the worry that I was doing it all wrong. As time went on and my children got older this feeling intensified. I kept waiting for the day that I would get the hang of it and it never happened.

I was referred to Sharon by a close friend at a time in my life when I was completely overwhelmed trying to parent a teenager and a preteen with anxiety. My family was not sleeping and my entire world seemed to be upside down. I felt desperate.

Sharon has been a huge blessing in my life. From the first few moments of our first coaching session I began to relax. Her gentle encouraging manner enabled me to finally put down the illusions and begin to enjoy being a mother. Every session I left with exactly the tools I needed to move forward and begin to thrive again.

Her direct life experience of raising her children coupled with her vast knowledge is invaluable. Each session was a peaceful time out from my busy life. I was given tools I would have never thought of on my own. One evening, on Sharon’s suggestion, my son wrote a letter to himself about how to overcome anxiety in the night. When he finished reading it, I had tears in my eyes because it gave me an important look into the mind of my child, my son said: “That coaching lady really knows what she is talking about.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Sarah C.  Toronto, Canada

Brenda S.

Today was perfect ! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea what you did. But I will tell you that finding a broken soul and giving it the courage to want to fly again is life saving.

Brenda S.
Manteca, CA

Daniel F.

After my coaching sessions with Sharon Ballantine I feel that I possess the tools to navigate my life confidently and successfully toward my highest ideals. Her heart-centered approach is direct, nurturing and empowering. She listens deeply, speaks with compassion and knows well how to guide one firmly but gently toward realizing their full potential with a brand of wisdom that is simple yet profound.

Daniel F.
Boulder, Co.

Elisabeth B.

The Universe sent Sharon my way when I needed her. I feel so blessed and happy now that Sharon has guided me how to redirect my thoughts. She gave me the tools to leave behind the negative from the past, and all the things that don’t serve me. Sharon gave me the ability to think about happy things, and what I want to create in my life. I believe this has helped my children too, and strengthened our relationships. Thank you Sharon for teaching me to expect good things, therefore everything turns out well. I am in a much happier place now, thanks to Sharon.

Elisabeth B.
Seattle, Wa

Margot W. Bellevue, Wa

I had the pleasure of participating in “Law of Attraction” coaching sessions with Sharon Ballantine recently, and I came away happier, more relaxed and empowered.

One of the most resonant ideas she imparted was that every person in our lives is on their own journey, and they direct that journey.

Worrying about a loved one’s path does not help them- no one can feel inspired when they are in a place of negative emotion.

Not only did this idea empower me, to relax and enjoy my relationships with my friends and family, it is also helping me to see that I am on my own path, and feel more confident with my choices and the boundaries I have set for myself.

I feel my relationships have been strengthened and are much more joyful. I look forward to more coaching sessions with Sharon, she has truly allowed me to focus on determining my own experience, and with this focus, life becomes unlimited.

Michele K. Bellevue, Wa

My friendship with Sharon has taken us through many heartfelt years. Through all of life’s twists and turns, I have watched her evolve into the spiritual, amazing, smart, fabulous woman she is today.

It has always been Sharon’s natural path to listen, coach, and bring out the “Ah Ha” moments in all of us.

She gently reminds me how I can attract what I want into my life, suggesting tools to empower me and help me place my order with the Universe, always contributing to my journey with love and wisdom.

I can wholeheartedly say that Sharon lives her life practicing her “truths”, helping others to create a deep and satisfying connection to their amazing lives.

I feel blessed to have her on my path….reminding me to attract my highest and happiest destiny.

Joyce B. Sedona, Az

People that know Sharon would agree with me….she has made a difference in all of our lives.  Sharon coached me while I was going through the most challenging and saddest time in my life.

Following her wisdom and guidance through the years has proved to me there is a better way, a positive way. She is always uplifting and happy, and I love that about her!  I feel as though it comes naturally to Sharon, and it is a gift she shares with us.

It is as simple as this….listen to what she says, believe and follow her guidance, and your life will change!!

Kelley R. Kirkland,Wa

Sharon Ballantine was able to approach my needs and concerns with amazing insight and clarity. The tools and techniques she taught me, along with her compassion and contagious optimism had a more lasting and positive impact after just three weeks, than years of traditional talk therapy.

Everyone can benefit from a life coach, especially one with the magnitude of spiritual gifts and skill that Sharon offers. I now experience life with more gratitude and joy!

Ann S. Seattle, Wa

I would like to thank Sharon Ballantine from the bottom of my heart for giving my life back to me. She has taught me over the last few months how our Universe works, and how being in my state of “allowing” enables me to hear the answers within myself that I am searching for.

My life has changed so much, and as I think about things that make me feel happy, and I can now make a clearer distinction between what I want or don’t want.

With Sharon’s guidance, I now know I create my own destiny. With her caring voice, sense of encouragement and dedication, I have found this journey more easeful.

Pat L. Maple Valley, Wa

Although I have read much on the Law of Attraction, without Sharon Ballantine’s individual coaching, I still wouldn’t “get it”.
It’s easy to read things and then try and apply them to your life, but when they don’t work it is frustrating.

Having Sharon coach me, and help me figure out which direction I desire to go, has been invaluable.

I am no longer taking medicine for depression, I feel happier and I am laughing more! I know I am easier to live with!
Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

Frankie R. Seattle, Wa

A friend or family member will listen to your woes, complaints and troubles. You vent, but then what? Sharon will listen, motivate and teach you techniques to get you moving through the issues with a positive outlook and help you on the path of you (deliberate) choosing.

Life Coach Sharon Ballantine came into my life during a period of stagnation. I didn’t know how to get my life moving again. At 58, divorced, my child grown and out of the house. I had been working at the same company for 28 years, and had significant losses over the past 8 years, as well.

Sharon’s guidance helped me clarify my desires and thoughts, and start to think in terms of creating the life I wanted rather than dwelling on aspects I felt were missing.
She helped keep me focused on goals that enriched my life, each one building and complimenting the next. I feel that I can no longer go back to my old way of thinking.

Stagnation is no longer a state of being for me, as I now have the knowledge and tools to move past that experience. Sharon has kept me on a steady path of increasing my self- knowledge. She gives me tools and techniques that seem hand picked for my individual needs.

I am learning to allow myself to be happy and finding that the longer and more often I remain in that happy place, the better life is.

Ernesto P. Shoreline, Wa

Time spent under the tutelage of Sharon Ballantine results in clarity, empowerment, and at times a delightful state of overwhelm. Although it’s nothing one can’t handle, Sharon commits to reporting the truth and nothing but the truth. She delivers her message with resolve, conviction, integrity, and always with the love that only a mother can give.

Ev W. Athens, Greece

I had the opportunity and honor to have Sharon Ballantine as my coach. I found her to be very concise, intuitive, direct and also very understanding. It seemed that every time I had a block she would present me with yet another tool or point of view that would help me delve deeper within myself to find the solution.

During our coaching relationship, Sharon gave me certain visualizations, that now aid me when my mind gets confused with “what now?” Ask her about the river of wellbeing flowing toward you at all times…
When I had personal issues she very gently and compassionately would help lift me out of my “stuck place” and help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I would recommend Sharon Ballantine wholeheartedly and without any reservations. If your goal is to be happier, feel more encouraged and optimistic, and as a result have a more productive and prosperous life then Sharon’s coaching is the ticket. Good Luck!

Lisa J. Seattle, Wa

Sharon’s life coaching sessions will help you define and refine yourself, regardless of where you begin. She will guide you in your best direction whilst encouraging your mind to create your own path forward, through constructive action, thoughts and processes.

I have learned breakthrough lessons in personal development and leadership skills. The processes Sharon taught me were practical and positively instrumental for me to visualize and obtain everything that I truly desired. These lessons will continue to make a profound difference in my life; and I credit Sharon as a proven role model I coaching with a gentle style. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to enhance or improve their professional and personal endeavors.

Robbi F. Tacoma, Wa

Sharon Ballantine is a profound teacher of “love thyself” in order to best “love others”.

Her commitment as a mother is testament to ancient wisdom; If we ground ourselves in our own Joy, all benefit…..from family, community and  the world.

Her wisdom is simple, clear and yet intelligent and compassionate.

Sharon Ballantine helps you break through the mental clutter, bringing you back to the most important life cycle.

Love thyself, be in joy, love others…love thyself, be in joy, love others…

Sabin B. Santa Fe, NM

Last summer and fall, my entire life changed suddenly and shockingly. My 33 year old daughter, Bunny, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and three months later she died. As you might imagine, there were reverberations from her death that affected every single area of Life for her son, and me.

Normally, I am an optimistic person and I can find solutions to situations that present themselves to me. After my daughter’s death, those inner resources that I had always relied upon, disappeared for a while. Thoughts and feelings I had not previously experienced arose. My mind and emotions felt bleak, wintery and bereft.

Thank goodness I know Sharon Ballantine. Sharon- through her masterful and subtle coaching-offered a reflection to me of my thinking. In conversation with her, I realized just how negative my thinking had become. After speaking with her, and reading a book she recommended, I began to notice the thoughts flowing through my mind, and later learned to adjust them. The more I focused on thinking and creating a new and different life for my grandson and I, the more evidence I had that life was dramatically better when I learned to direct my thoughts toward what I want.

I have witnessed Sharon create a vibrant, dynamic and beautifully abundant life for herself- and with her husband and children and she is the epitome of the person who “practices what she preaches”. If you are looking for a positive change “coach” for your life, I highly recommend you work with Sharon.

Brittany S. Los Angeles, Ca

As my Mother, Sharon Ballantine has been my Life Coach all of my life. “Coach” is the perfect word. Rarely, if ever, did she tell me, my sister or brother what to do, but instead, guided us to look inside ourselves, recognize how we felt, and choose our best direction.

While I was in college, I was able to be one of her clients for a time, as I wanted to experience the protocol she used with clients. We would “meet” via phone each week, and I would present aspects of my life that were bothering me, or things I wanted to personally work on.

Our sessions were the highlight of my week. I couldn’t wait to talk to her and receive and practice a new process to incorporate into my life. I loved sharing all of the things I was manifesting, using the tools I had been given.

Mom taught me that I can guide my thoughts and respond to life as I choose, not being reactive to everything I am observing.
The most important thing I took away from being coached was coming to know that I have the power within me to create anything I want.

Raven S. Missoula, MT

I want to take this opportunity to tell you what a spectacular mother, teacher and person that you are to me. Your dedication to the things that you believe in is exhilarating guidance that I constantly attempt to follow.

Your magical capabilities remind me of what I am striving for, and your endless manifestations are proof of your expertise.
Thank-you for not only the physical tools and the means you provide to ensure my happiness and success, but most of all the mental and spiritual guidance that will help me create and maintain my beautiful life.

© 2016. Sharon Ballantine. All Rights Reserved.