The Art of Blissful Parenting –
CEM Interviews Life Coach Sharon Ballantine

Steve Toth, founder of Conscious Evolution Media interviews Sharon Ballantine, Life, Parenting and Law of Attraction Coach and practitioner. They discuss parenting, the Law of Attraction, and her Book “The Art of Blissful Parenting”.

How to Live and Parent in Awareness

On this episode of the Sharon Ballantine Show, Sharon discusses How to Live in Awareness. She also discusses a few of her insightful personal stories on raising three children that eventually gave her the lessons on parenting in which she now shares with other parents in her book “The Art of Blissful Parenting”.

Are you aware that you are constantly making requests of the universe? Sharon explains that if we are in a conscious or unconscious state, we are constantly asking the universe questions and asking for what we want, (including what we don’t want). Many people experience receiving ideas, insights and messages while doing everyday activities such as in the shower, running, driving or in dreams. Many people don’t know how to listen or be aware of these messages. Sharon reveals how to become more aware of the signs and . . .



Parenting From the Heart

Sharon goes solo on this episode of the Sharon Ballantine Show. Sharon told of being in her twenties and losing all of her immediate family and how this propelled her onto a spiritual path. How she used books on spirituality to find her way and how she came to trust her internal guidance system, later teaching her kids how to trust theirs. Hence the inspiration was born to write her first book, ”The Art of Blissful Parenting.”

Sharon reveals how she was devastated at the loss of her family, but also knowing deep down that there was something to learn and reasons for the things that occurred, that could be tools for the future. She came to the realization that she was disconnected from her internal guidance system and began her own journey to self-discovery and understanding. Through these experiences Sharon . . .



Tara Vossenkemper, founder of The Holistic Keys Summit, Interviews Sharon

Tara Vossenkemper, founder of The Holistic Keys Summit, interviews Sharon as one of 21 experts featured on this event. Tara’s goal is for each of us to shift our focus even further inwards, realizing the impact and importance our internal state has on our external world. This is what Tara has to say about Sharon.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

Young, vibrant and world-changing Empowerment Coach and Hypnotherapist Erika Larsen joins Sharon on the Sharon Ballantine Show to discuss How to Move Toward Greatness. It is never easy growing up in a broken home or witnessing a mother deal with alcohol and substance abuse, yet Erika was able to get through college and start a career in Corporate America despite those challenges. While she was becoming successful in her position, she felt unfulfilled and lost in Corporate America, and called out to the universe for guidance. Through some divine interventions or what one might call serendipities, she went on to become a Life Coach and then took courses in Hypnotherapy. She now says “Coaching helped me find my path, and Hypnotherapy helped me find my light”.

Erika’s true passion is coaching and mentoring others with her practice of Hypnotherapy but explains . . .



How to Discover Your Heart-Inner Knowing and Wisdom

How to Discover Your Heart -- Inner Knowing and Wisdom

Patricia joins Sharon on the Sharon Ballantine Show to share how she as a coach and mentor supports others on their journey of discovering their own Heart, Inner Knowing and Wisdom. While Patricia was growing up, she noticed how easy it was for her to connect with animals. She was able to understand them on a spiritual level and shared an amazing communication. These special relationships helped her learn to work with people, whom she now works with one on one, or in groups- Finding Heart based solutions for daily challenges in life.

In the show, Sharon and Patricia talk about one’s life’s path, and how we can stumble upon it, or it is shown to us in unforeseen ways.  At age 17, when Patricia was simply taking a ride on a bus, her mission became clear to her with a . . .



Coaching and Mentoring Children to Embrace their Intuitive Gifts

Beautiful soul Brittany Zimmerman shares her life story and her passion of working with Children and their gifts here on the Sharon Ballantine Show. She brings joy, love and light to her clients through coaching, intuitive readings, support and genuine love. Her own experiences growing up included seeing and hearing “ghosts” and quickly learned from society that she needed to keep this information to herself. It was later on in life as a young adult, where there was a sudden realization after a weekend of partying that she looked and around her home and said “I’m not happy, things are going to change”.

Brittany’s life changed considerably and she has since become an early child educator, life coach, children’s book author, a certified Child and Youth Counselor, a Professional Counselor, an Intuitive, Medium, Parenting and Life Coach. Her book “When Mommy’s . . .


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