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Choosing What We Dwell On

Posted on: April 2nd, 2014 by Sharon Ballantine
Thoughts - Dwelling

Most of us don’t realize that we can choose what it is we dwell on; we can choose the direction of our thoughts. As we become more practiced in paying attention to which direction our thoughts are headed in, we can choose our desired course more quickly, which will always (hopefully) be to a better feeling place. Our choice is this: Do we continue with the thoughts that have started to make us feel bad, or do we decide to choose thoughts that make us feel better? We can apply this process of choosing to any issue, circumstance, or person in our lives.

What about when we don’t have access to any real information to help guide our thoughts and no apparent truth to get us started with a train of thought? When I say, “have access,” I mean that we don’t have knowledge of, or can’t find proof or truth regarding a subject that we are thinking about.

For example, you may care about someone, but you don’t have access to whether they care about you. Based on what you may have experienced of them, your practiced thought will start creating a belief. Any thought or thought pattern practiced over and over will create a belief within you. Which is why it is so crucial to make sure that the thought you are perpetuating is what you want to believe. In this particular example, you have a choice of two different trains of thought.

The first train of thought includes all of the reasons why someone may not care about you; the second includes all the reasons why they probably do care about you. You may never have access to what is really true or going on with the person you care about, but you do get to choose what you dwell on and what you believe.

As you choose the thoughts that result in self-pity and erode your self-esteem, you are in resistance, which means you are blocking off the wellbeing of the Universe, and you will be attracting what you don’t want. And, as an added measure, you feel awful.

What if, on the other hand, you choose the higher path of thinking those thoughts that lift your self-esteem as you are dwelling on all the positive attributes that are you? When we deliberately choose thoughts that take us in the direction of feeling better, and ultimately good, we release our resistance to the wellbeing of the Universe and are back to the place of manifesting what we want.

I have taught myself to do this very effectively through continual practice, and I do it often! It’s a decision, every time, about what we dwell on. Make your “dwelling time” feel good by consciously observing the direction your thoughts are taking you and listening to the invented scenarios in your head. Do you like the story? If not, make up a new story. The story doesn’t have to be true, and you may never know if it is. The point is to find a stream of thoughts that make you feel better. This can relate to every aspect of your life. For example: take what you like about yourself, what you have to offer the world, and paint a beautiful picture. Each one of us comes into this life worthy of doing and creating the highest vision of ourselves. It is up to you to maintain this vision.

What you focus and dwell on is what you bring forward, what you create more of. Feeling good will always be your desired result.

Everything you want is manifested from your place of feeling good.

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8 Responses

  1. Dorothy says:

    I love this! Over the Christmas holiday, I decided to change my thinking and be more positive about a situation in which I am not happy. And I decided to open myself to receiving new opportunities. Within 2 months, my life has turned around, I have accepted a new job, and will be moving back to my home area! I truly believe this is because I changed the story in my head!!

    • Dear Dorothy,

      Congratulations, I’m really happy for you! I also believe you manifested all the wonderful things because you changed the story in your head to a more positive one! Keep up the happy work, and thank-you for commenting! : ) Sharon

  2. Leela says:

    I so appreciate your perspective, Sharon, and you really do embody the ideas you share in this blog. This came at a perfect time for me. Big, positive opportunities have been appearing in my life, and I’ve been applying the principle of allowing myself to just feel GOOD… about ALL of it.

    When things first began to shift I felt some doubt, “Am I really ready? Can I handle this opportunity and deliver results? Is a quantum leap of this caliber really possible for me?” YES! It is.

    Letting myself truly KNOW that the answer, beyond any former doubt, is YES, feels AMAZING, and as a result more doors are opening. Letting myself stay in the space of feeling good is like stoking a campfire of possibility and manifestation; each positive thought/feeling is another log on the fire which continues to grow and expand. Wow.

    Thank you for your energetic contribution to my personal story of success. YOU are a gift to the planet, Sharon. Keep shining your positive light. =)

    • Dear Leela,

      I’m so happy that you are creating such beautiful things and amazing opportunities are coming your way! You have so much to offer and it’s awesome that you are stepping into your power!I love your terminology, “stoking a campfire” as it truly is like that. Keep me posted on your wonderful creations and thank-you for commenting and for your loving words. Sharon

  3. Rebekah Marques says:

    Thank you for your information. For me… I have been practicing this way of thinking for a year or two and need helpful reminders to keep practicing good thoughts and they will come. This helped me now as I needed the reminder. Thank you! I wish you a blessed day.

  4. Rebekah Marques says:

    Just a second thank you as I re read it again. A blessed day is wished to you.

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