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Sharon Ballantine. Law of Attraction Coach

How Does Your Attitude Affect Your Children?

Posted on: June 10th, 2016 by Sharon Ballantine

Doesn’t each of us want to feel happy and have a positive affect on other people? Whether this happiness means feeling good about our parenting life, social life, love life etc. we crave the endorphins that come with the feeling of basking in our wellbeing. And then life gets in the way. Something or someone doesn’t turn out or behave the way we were hoping, and we allow ourselves to feel bad and maybe even really mad. In other words, we are being reactive to what is happening around us and our attitude suffers.

Have you ever been aware of how your attitude affects those around you? You may feel like your poor attitude is your own business and has no affect on other people, but this is not the case. Even when you don’t speak a word the energy that . . .


Guiding Our Kids As Opposed To Controlling

Posted on: May 29th, 2016 by Sharon Ballantine

Most every parent wants the best for their children, don’t we? We want our kids to be safe, feel loved, make good choices etc. We may envision them living their best happy lives where nothing goes wrong. At times we may wish we could control their outcomes so they don’t feel pain or hurt. Our kids are after all, the people that mean the most to us, the ones we cherish.

As we look at and ponder our own life experience, we will see that there may have been a few or many occasions where things seemed as if they were going wrong. We may have felt powerless to control a given situation. We may also remember that these experiences worked themselves out and took us to perhaps a better feeling experience and supported our evolution. These experiences are important for . . .


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