Sharon Ballantine - Life Magic Coaching

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with me

 “The Magic In Your Life Is
Inspired By Your Joy”

Creating the lives we want is easier than most people believe. Tapping into the wellbeing that is always available to us is the key to manifesting our dreams. As a Law of Attraction Life Coach and Parenting Coach I teach you how to use the laws of the Universe to live the life you want. Let me inspire you and support you in being the happiest you can possibly be.Before we can make changes in our lives, we must ask ourselves some powerful questions?Are we clear on what we want to create?Are we ready to manifest what we want?
What areas of our lives do we want to improve?
What do we believe about ourselves?
What have we been choosing?
Where do we start?

The process starts with a clear Intention on what you want to create.
We examine self-talk and limiting beliefs.
Your Internal Guidance System becomes your best friend.
Tools and Processes are used to help you stay in Alignment.
New choices become easy as you develop a new perspective.

Work with me in helping you create the way in
which you want to live your life.