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Posted on: November 13th, 2014 by Sharon Ballantine Sharon Ballantine

Law of Attraction Coach, Sharon Ballantine

Don’t Face Reality, Create It

Posted on: August 26th, 2015 by Sharon Ballantine

What is reality anyway? Reality is whatever we are experiencing in the moment or living right now, front and center in our lives. It is what we believe to be true and real for us. Our work life has it’s own reality, as does our family life etc. Sometimes we like our reality and sometimes we don’t. What about when we want to change our reality?

Why shouldn’t we face reality?

I’m not really sure why it is so common for people to say, “face reality” when making choices in our lives or contemplating change. As if what you are living right now determines what you can create. It doesn’t. On the other hand, how can looking at a reality you don’t like be helpful? Your focus will determine if it is helpful or not.

Any time you spend looking at something you . . .


Law of Attraction Coach, Sharon Ballantine

Does Your Happiness Depend On Conditions Changing?

Posted on: August 19th, 2015 by Sharon Ballantine

We all desire things because we believe having them will make us feel better. This is true whether you want a relationship, a new home, an fun experience, a certain life condition or anything else you can dream of wanting. We are here in this life to create everything we can think of and to change our conditions continually if we that is what we want. Creating continually is the good part. The hard part happens when we need conditions to change and be a certain way before we allow ourselves to be happy. Have you noticed this?

It seems to be human nature that as a general rule, people need things to be a certain way, a way that matches their vision, in order to be happy. Some examples may be; I can be happy when… my dream job comes . . .


Law of Attraction Coach, Sharon Ballantine

Can Intense Focus Make You Unbalanced?

Posted on: August 12th, 2015 by Sharon Ballantine

What is intense focus? It is streamlined energy, a kind of tunnel vision that you direct toward something. It can manifest as a passion.  Your intense focus may be directed toward your career, hobby, lifestyle, another person etc. You may create great things with your focus that propel our world to a better place, or simply manifest your own personal dreams.

Intense focus carries with it powerful intention, so how can intense focus make you unbalanced? When you spend too much time in any one area of your life, then the other aspects can become unbalanced as they become neglected to varying degrees. We may not even notice this is happening. Are you spending less time with your family because your focus is being spent on your career and you find yourself driven to manifest your dreams? Is your health . . .


Law of Attraction Coach, Sharon Ballantine

Is Your Energy Boost Coming From Upset?

Posted on: August 5th, 2015 by Sharon Ballantine

Have you ever met anyone that seems to default to being upset on a regular basis? Is it you? If you think about it, there is tremendous energy in being upset, even if it is energy that feels bad and puts you in a place where you can’t manifest anything you want. So, even if it’s energy that is non-productive it carries with it a lot of momentum and can feel powerful. Defaulting to explosive negative energy can become a habit for many of us.

This is where many people can become addicted to being mad or upset in various ways. It is energizing. People develop habits out of things that stimulate them whether they are good for them or not.

What about the state of being, which is neither positive nor negative but feels really neutral?  This is where you aren’t . . .


Law of Attraction Coach, Sharon Ballantine

What You Don’t Say May Count The Most

Posted on: July 29th, 2015 by Sharon Ballantine

Most of us like to talk don’t we? We may like sharing what’s happening in our lives, talking about the state of the world or we may just like the sound of our own voice. I’ve written before about being a good listener, but what about being a good talker/responder? Good conversation with balance can do so much to enrich our lives. We may walk away from a conversation feeling like we have learned something or perhaps we leave a conversation feeling like we have added to someone’s life, helped them in some way.

Having a conversation you feel good about (regarding your part in it) is indeed a skill that can be developed and can most definitely be fun. Sometimes it’s what we don’t say that can have the most value. I’ve outlined some criteria to think about:

~ Listen to . . .


Law of Attraction Coach, Sharon Ballantine

Happiness Is A Skill

Posted on: July 22nd, 2015 by Sharon Ballantine

Each of us has the capability to be good at many things. We may call these things our skills. By definition, it is the ability to do something well through practice. What determines what you’ve chosen to be good at? It starts with what motivates you. What are you inspired to practice over and over until you reach a level of expertise that you are striving for?

Why do you want certain skills anyway? Is it to earn more money, have more free time, to name a few? How about the sheer joy of it all? Practicing a skill that just plain makes you happy?

I have learned through my life experience that my personal happiness, which is all I’m ever in control of, is a practiced skill. Happiness is a practiced skill because our emotions and what happens around us and . . .


Law of Attraction Coach, Sharon Ballantine

Be Aware of The Opportunities Around You

Posted on: July 15th, 2015 by Sharon Ballantine

Have you ever found yourself observing the world and those around you in a less than expansive way? Do you sometimes move through your experiences and later not be able to recollect whom you saw around you, or even where you may have been? I certainly have and it can be very limiting. Limiting in the way of potentially missed opportunities that were waiting for you, things and people you’ve been asking for.

Most of us have heard the term, “staying present in the moment”, which is certainly one aspect of what I’m talking about. Staying present in the moment means that what is going on around you or whomever you’re speaking to has your undivided attention. It means you are fully participating and receiving the information at hand. What is in front of you can contain very valuable information.

Another aspect . . .


law of attraction coach, Sharon Ballantine

Are You Offering the Benefit of the Doubt?

Posted on: July 8th, 2015 by Sharon Ballantine

What does it mean to offer the benefit of the doubt? It means giving someone a favorable opinion or judgment despite any uncertainty. So in short, not jumping to any conclusion that makes you feel bad, regarding how anyone else is behaving. It means not being reactive and choosing the same negative responses you’re observing. Allowing it to be okay for another to express themselves, however they feel motivated to. Whether you like what it is you’re hearing and seeing or not.

This can be challenging can’t it? If we observe someone behaving in a way that is offending others and ourselves we tend to feel they should not be behaving this way and what are we going to do about it? Haven’t you found you can become vulnerable to their negativity in a manner of minutes and become angry yourself? . . .


Law of Attraction Coach, Sharon Ballantine

Your Path of Least Resistance

Posted on: July 1st, 2015 by Sharon Ballantine

Does the phrase “Your Path of Least Resistance” inspire a calming feeling in you?

What is resistance? Resistance is what we feel when we 1) don’t want to do something 2) feel any kind of negative emotion 3) push against anything unwanted in our lives.  Resistance is the uncomfortable place we find ourselves when we have blocked off the access to our wellbeing (happiness) and we are feeling unhappy.

Why is it a big deal to be in resistance? Well, it isn’t a big deal because you will eventually feel good again and that’s the instant you evolve. That is the gift of negative emotion. Did you know that? The instant you feel good again you have evolved and you are better than you were before. Wow, that’s a really good thing. But, what about in the meantime? While you’re feeling bad . . .


Law of Attraction Coach, Sharon Ballantine

Why Pay Attention To Your Manifestations?

Posted on: June 24th, 2015 by Sharon Ballantine

What are your manifestations and why pay attention to them? Your manifestations are everything you are experiencing. They are what you’re attracting with your thoughts and feelings.  These manifestations are showing you in which direction you’re headed, toward what you want or toward what you don’t want.

Did you know that your thoughts are also your manifestations? The thought you just had was a direct result of your previous thought. Did it feel good? Answering either yes or no will give you the indication of where you’re headed next.

When we are in alignment, which means we’re feeling good/happy, we have access to our wellbeing and all the answers to everything we’re looking for and wanting.  These answers come in the form of people, things, experiences and inspirational ideas.  Since the Universe only sends well being our way it’s important to keep . . .